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How has youth group impacted your life and the lives of others?

 "We do a lot of fundraisers and things in the community for others.  Youth group has impacted me in many ways but the biggest is it gives me an opportunity to be with my friends and learn about God in a fun way."

We like to help other people at the church.  The fact the the youth group is so close, like a family, and are willing to join in with new people not only lets me be myself and feel welcome, but also helps me grow in Christ because they're right there to help me along and show me ways I can improve myself."



 "We do work projects for seniors and other people for the church and it has impacted my life immensely. I cant even start to explain."


 "We do things like camping, sled riding, going to Cook Forest, and going to conference.  Youth group has impacted my life a lot, it has made me a stronger Christian and it is a lot of fun too. Its given me good friends to help me with anything."

 "Every summer our youth group goes to Momentum Youth Conference. Momentum is six days where different youth groups go to have an awesome time, make new friends, see old friends and help others in the surrounding community. These are not the only activities that make up conference. Momentum is that one week in the summer where teens are challenged spiritually in a way that they become closer to God. Taking one week out of the summer is more than worth it. It has changed my perspective on life and how I live." 



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